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We have a reputation of being leaders in commercial roofing, spray foam applications and insulation. If you are having issues with a roof leak or damaged roof on your commercial roof we have options that can help right away.



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Roof Restoration

It has been our mission since day one to provide alternative options in commercial roofing. We are experienced roofing professionals and we can help you through the process of determining if your roof needs to be replaced or if it can be restored.  Many roofs are eligible for restoration which typically can save up to 50% of traditional roof replacement.



Midwest Foam & Coatings works to find affordable long term solutions for commercial roofing and insulation needs.  Depending on the age, type and condition of your commercial roof or insulation, you structure may be a good candidate of a roof replacement or upgraded insulation.


Once your roof and insulation have been properly assessed, we will work to provide you with a variety of solutions.  Depending on our assessment, it may be possible to restore your roof long term or even a short term repair with warranty. We will also work to re-insulate your structure to a standard that will save you money in the future.

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Roof and Insulation Replacement

Midwest Foam & Coatings understands that every roofing and insulation project is unique. After a thorough inspection, we work closely with our clients and manufacturers to ensure that the right choice is made for your roofing or insulation needs. Once we understand your long-term goals, our team will provide a report and design that are tailored specifically for your projects’ budget, without compromising on energy and sustainability solutions.

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You can count on our commercial roofing and insulation services, Midwest Foam & Coatings delivers an unmatched level of workmanship and you can count on us to meet and exceed expectations through outstanding customer service.


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